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Лак термостойкий КО-08
по ГОСТ 15081-78 изм. 1 и 2
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Тел: +7(47465) 6-37-45
Email: info@silan.ru

“Silan” factory is the oldest Russian producer (founded in 1940) of silanes, organosilicones, as well as silicon-based lacquers, finishes and sealants. It is located approximately 300 kilometers south of Moscow in the city of Dankov (Lipetsk Region).

 At the moment the factory is in the process of large-scale repairs, as a program of deep modernization is being developed at Dankov, so availability of some product types shall be re-confirmed. In the future we plan to concentrate on manufacture of high-quality and high-purity chlorosilanes related to photovoltaic and electric insulation, and to their derivatives (e.g. Trichlorosilane, Phenyltrichlorosilane, Silicon Tetrachloride, Fumed Silica and Ethylsilicates)

 We are looking forward also to investment and joint venture suggestions. Some parts of the factory territory could be rented for startup of small industrial businesses using the factory infrastructure.

 Your requests and orders are heartily welcome. Please contact us by:

Mail: 14, Zaitsev Str., Dankov (Lipetsk Reg.) 399851 Russia

Fax: +7 (47465) 6 37 45

Emails: info@silan.ru

The whole gamut of our products could be found below:

Ethyl branch 1500 MT annual capacity including:

- Diethyldichlorosilane CAS 1719-53-5

- Ethyltrichlorosilane CAS 115-21-9

- Ethyldichlorosilane CAS 1789-58-8

- hydrolyzed Diethyldichlorosilane

- Polyethylsiloxane liquids

- Ethyltetraethoxysilane

- Polyethylhydrosiloxane liquids

Methyl branch 10000 MT annual capacity including:

- Dimethyldichlorosilane CAS 75-78-5

- Methyltricholorosilane CAS 75-79-6

- Trimethylchlorosilane  CAS 75-77-4

- Methyldichlorosilane CAS 75-54-7

- Methylphenyldichlorosilane CAS 149-74-6

- Methyltriethoxysilane CAS 2031-67-6

- Low molecular silicone rubbers and compounds

Phenyl branch 1200 MT annual capacity including:

- Trichlorosilane CAS 10025-78-2

- Phenyltrichlorosilane CAS 98-13-5

- Polymethylphenylsiloxane liquids

- Thermo proof and electro insulation lacquers


- Silicon Tetrachloride CAS 10026-04-7 – variable volumes

- Tetraethoxysilane CAS 78-10-4 – 2100 MT per year

- Ethylsilicates – 2600 MT per year

- Automotive silicone sealants in retail packing – 200 Mt per year

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